As a result, they have achieved to make this one of the best autoflowering seeds which can be grown easily and gives out … It is developed by mixing the original Canadian seeds with a hand-picked ruderalis. Plus 2 packages of seeds I ordered were not growing...and I am an experienced gardener.When I contacted west coast I was told my order was closed. [ Home | I placed a seed order and paid in full. What a truly unique seed company that offers tried and true varieties selected especially for the West Coast. I also highly enjoy utilizing my skills such as my proficiency with various Microsoft programs in creating invoices, for example. Make use of West Coast Seeds promo codes & sales in 2021 to get extra savings on top of the great offers already on West Coast Seeds reviews. Thought to be one of the parent strains of OG Kush, ChemDawg is a top shelf legend that combines strong and powerful flavours, with an equally strong sativa dominant high. Contact Us | On Dec 22nd I placed a order with this company that is based in Canada (I live in MA-USA) and my seeds were in my mailbox exactly 7 days later, and that was even with a Holiday-Xmas with no post offices open. 281 talking about this. Untreated seeds for organic growing - non-GMO! About West Coast Seeds. Their vegetables are bred specifically for this climate and quite often can't be obtained elsewhere. West Coast Strains. Especially since these seeds are supposed to keep for a couple of years. Each year West Coast Seeds supports groups and organizations worldwide, through seed donations. I think I'll look at other seed companies for my hierlooms/heritage varieties. document.write("
"); West Coast Seeds is a fantastic source for Pacific Northwest heirlooms and OP varieties that grow well in the region. It’s so much fun shopping with these guys, so many options to buy bulk weed at good pricing for pounds and half pounds. West Coast Seeds is the place to go for Organic Gardeners. © 2021 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. At West Coast Seeds, the most enjoyable part of the job and working environment is the excellent staff members. Seed packets are resealable (don't just rip a corner as I usually do - carefully open the flap and it will reseal). They select and test seeds specifically for this area. We packed the legendary OG Kush into our autoflower seeds to produce our West Coast OG strain so you could get more of this classic strain faster. Nothing was said about using my card again. I emailed the company with no response. Untreated seeds for organic growing - non-GMO! It's always better when you grow your own! So I can't say anything about their mail order service. Media Kit | Then, after the worst customer service ever...I looked into everything myself to find that west coast had used my visa debit WITHOUT my consent. West Coast OG buds are bright green and despite their compact build, the dense coating of crystals gives them an almost fluffy look. Anyone who works for this company is lucky! I even had a couple of questions about my order prior to placing the order, so I called their tele number and spoke with a very pleasant woman that was extremely helpful. We have ordered from them for many years, and they have fantastic products. Free catalogue. document.write(" "); Previous Next. This new wave of high end cannabis genetics from the infamous West Coast of America are what connoisseurs all over the world crave most to have in their collection and we have a monstrous offering here of the best American California genetics available. West Coast Seeds only offers non-GMO, non-GEO seeds, that are never chemically treated. West Coast Seed Company Marijuana Seeds This company is one of the most enduring companies in terms of breeding many different cannabis seeds. document.write("
"); In these heady days where new strains appear every minute, this fabulous hybrid provides the genetics to many other popular strains. (29 reviews) November 24, 2008: West Coast Seeds is a fantastic source for Pacific Northwest heirlooms and OP varieties that grow well in the region. A reminder from your friendly neighborhood seed bank: marijuana seeds can be purchased anywhere in the US, but you can’t legally grow them everywhere. They now ship to the US (which is so very appreciated) and delivery is fast. With over 500 varieties of untreated seeds to choose from, you will find what you are looking for. Do Not Sell My Personal Information] Back to the top Most garden shops in this area carry their seeds so you don't have to bother with mailing in an order. Our community is ready to answer. The shipping charges were less to ship to me from Canada than most Seed Companies that ship within our own USA states to me. Free catalogue. It was fun and relaxing. As I look around my house I count roughly 300 little starters, all doing brilliantly. I’ve never been happier. Most detailed on soil requirement, Ph, watering. document.write("